The Comic Con This City Deserves


Wizard’s Big Apple Comic Con descended upon our local Gotham this weekend in a flurry of nerdy celebrities, comic books, and costumed heroes.  I was there as a host with UFragTV, who were brought on by Wizard to exclusively cover the event.  Our booth was right inside the main entrance, next to our friends at Slappa and backed by a gaming section filled with consoles manned by the guys of GXL.

Our schedule was packed from the minute I arrived on Friday.  There were loads of semi-famous actors, wrestlers, and Playboy bunnies in the celebrity area, a couple of enthusiastic game designers, and more artists than we could ever do justice.  Big Apple Comic Con was my first departure from my usual fare of anime conventions and gaming events, so it took some getting used to the fact that, no matter how much of a geek I thought I was, I had no street cred in the world of Trekkies or comic nitpickers.  This was probably for the best as I could stay on task and not wander off after the first flirty guy in Master Chief armor…

TSP master Chief1

We managed to score some really high-profile interactions throughout the weekend with names like Linda Hamilton (Terminator), Adam West (Batman), Kate Mulgrew (Star Trek), Nichelle Nichols (Star Trek), Micky Dolenz (The Monkees), and Lou Farrigno (The Hulk).  There were also some repeat favorites from last weekend’s VGXPO like Gil Gerard (Buck Rogers) and Neil Kaplan (Transformers) who were very sweet about talking to us again.  Gil gave an excellent interview, especially once he and I were joined by his very funny co-star Erin Gray.  Later, Neil was kind enough to turn on his Optimus Prime voice and record a quick hello to my roommate John.

When we were waiting to collect Adam West for his interview, it was my job to stand at his booth until he was ready, then walk him across the floor to our recording area.  I was a grinning fool, absolutely cowed by this super witty and dashing actor, pictures showcasing his talents as Batman and the mayor from Family Guy in front of him in neat rows.  His agent asked if Adam could promote his DVD “Adam West Naked.”  Definitely.

TSP AdamWestNaked_front

Saturday, I scored two interviews in a row that made me rush to my phone to text my mom.  First, being the only one in our host team to have watched/listened to The Monkees (and somehow also the youngest?), I spoke to Micky Dolenz about his current work and favorite comics and he openly hit on me for a cheap laugh.  Next was Vincent Pastore who plays Salvatore “Big Pussy” Bonpensiero on The Sopranos.  He wasn’t too excited to be interviewed, but did take time to talk about his adventures in stage acting and stand-up comedy and to say “Pauly Walnuts” enough times to make me giggle on-air.

Aside from Nintendo’s Wii resort that let people play a few new games, the main gaming news came from Vigil’s world premier of their trailer for Darksiders.  In a very intimate viewing organized by Joe Madureira, the game’s creative director, we were treated to the story of War, one of the Four Horsemen, who is framed for bringing about the apocalypse early when he arrives at Earth alone.  War is given a chance to redeem himself and find the one responsible, and to do so he must fight through both angelic and demonic hordes that now inhabit an earth devoid of humans.  As Joe Madureira put it, “This is the only game that will let you pick up a car and slam an angel in the head with it, I guarantee you.”

TSP Darksiders

Comic Con was super fun, and we at UFrag TV are all very grateful to the celebrities and artists that took time to talk to us.  Keep watching for more live, streaming coverage of all the best events!



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